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Automatisches Reinigungsmittel der Düse NC120

Nicken 1.The wird kleiner: Heutzutage wird der elektronische Teildienst kleiner, während die Funktion stärker wird. In der Vergangenheit wurde die Diskrepanz nicht zu schädlich, durch Kontrast, die Disqualifikationkinetik würde erhöhen jetzt


 The demand of cleaning the nozzle

 1.The pitch becomes more smaller:Nowadays the electronic facility becomes smaller while the function becomes stronger.In the past the discrepance would not too harmful,by contrast,the disqualification rate would increase now.
 2.The affection of lead-free:due to the good function of the lead in the soldering tin,the discrepance would be corrected automaticly while the PCB though the reflow soldering.But if the pull force of the tin paste with lead-free is weak, the chance of the emendation though reflow soldering would be small.what is worse, if there is a discrepance,there will be no chance to rework.
 3.The miniaturization of the components:With the development of the electronic industry , the encapsulation of the chip and the components become miniaturization.With the wide use of components 0402/0201/10005,the nozzle becomes more smaller. We use alcohol and thin acicula to clean the big nozzle,but there is no way to clean the small one in the same way.It will be discarded as useless if build up.
 The elements of the traditional cleaning method
 1.Alcohol&wind gun: Use cloth to soak alcohol to clean,then blow it with wind gun.Disadvantage:employ more manpower,could not clean the tube cavity of the nozzle and would lead to the depigment of the baffle-board if the alcohol infiltrate into the gluewater . 2.Ultrasonic cleaning machine:This is a widely used method because of low cost and satisfactory efficiency,however,many manufacturers forbid it. Disadvantage:Different nozzle would barge against each other and result in a damage of the vital black paint-coat .The infiltration of the lotion would also lead to the baffle-board fall off.And there is no way to clean the cube cavity of the nozzle. 3.The lotion is harmfull to the environment commonly.
 NC120 automatic nozzle cleaner 1. Principal: M=1/2mv2 With unique machine and gas drive design, it could make the liquid atomizd by high pressure liquid store, engendering very tiny brume to be spouted to the nozzle in 360m/s velocity of sound, and forming a persistent energy field to crush the exterior and inner dirt.
 2. The range:nozzle diameter¢0.033um-2.0mm
 3. Clean liquid: Industry level water without ion is unharmful to the environment and nozzle.
 4. Efficiency of cleaning: at most 12 once automatically.
 5. Object:each high speed mounter
 Economic benefit 1.Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle
 Discarding the nozzle mostly due to dirty which ususlly lead to chunk away the material and damage the nozzle.So,choosing to use our machine will solve the matter thoroughly.
 2.Save the unnecessary manpower
 Traditional cleaning method need more manpower,but NC120 is able to do the work automaticly.
 3.Reduce the disqualification rate
 The power is steady after the nozzle is cleaned by our production.Not only the phenomenon of chucking away the material rarely,but also save cost and reduce the disqualification rate.
 4.Improve the production efficiency of SMT
 A correct way of cleaning will maintain the nozzle to work as a new one, avoid the error of identification and increase the yield.
 The contrast between before and after cleaning
 (0603 before cleaning) (0603 after cleaning)



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